Camp Pinewood depends on volunteers! God has provided many wonderful and capable volunteers to help us with construction,  cleaning, dishes, counseling and many other things.  If you are interested in volunteering at camp, please give us a call and talk to Bill. (208) 634-5598.

Servant staff This is volunteer program for High school students for at least 1 week. Applications will be reviewed and Camp personnel will contact you if you are accepted. Come prepared to work hard, learn from God's word and gain experience. Jobs include washing dishes,

cleaning, and helping with recreation games.

sign up here https://www.cognitoforms.com/CampPinewood1/ServantStaffSummer2019

Adult Volunteers are 18 years or older and serve in leadership, counseling, construction, cleaning, washing dishes, and kitchen help as well. A background check is run on all adult volunteers.

Adult Volunteer Application


This form is for Summer Staff volunteers, not Memorial Work Weekend. If you are planning on coming to the work weekend, please click here