Camp Pinewood staff are here year-round to serve you! 

  • Executive Director,

    Bill Daniels

    food service/ guest services, 

    Lauren Daniels

    Bill and Lauren have 40 years of camping experience.  Bill has a Bachelors of Science from Biola University in Recreation and Camp Administration. He also has a Masters of Ministry from Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry. He is an ordained minister and they have served at Camp Pinewood since 2014. Married for 37 years, they have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

  • facilities project director, 

    Jake Jacobs

    Jake served as a counseling pastor with oversite of singles and seniors for 15 years in western Washington. They have served at Camp Pinewood since 2015. Patty has a background in nursing. Jake and Patty have been married for 43 years, they have 4 children and 13 grandchildren.

  • operations & program development, 

    Larry Daniels

    Larry attended Multnomah University, Kelsey Graduated with a degree in Music from Multnomah University. They have been worship leaders and small group Bible study leaders in their church, Larry has worked in Christian camping as program staff and a counselor. They have served at Camp Pinewood since 2015.  They have been married 8 years, they have 3 children.